5 Tips to Get a New Job Fast!

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how to get a job fast
how to get a job fast

Unemployed or unhappily employed? Sometimes we can find ourselves with the need to get a new job fast. Read on for five easy steps to take to get your next position pronto!

1.       Don’t take applying to jobs lightly.

If you want to find a job fast, you have to be constantly applying and on the lookout for new opportunities. Do not apply to one job and wait to hear back before moving on and applying to another.

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2.      Be open!

It will take longer to find a new job if you have strict criteria. The more open-minded you are, the more the field of opportunity will grow and the quicker it will be to find a job.

Look for jobs in other industries that need your skill set. For example, a dispatcher can work in emergency services or for a delivery company.

3.      Use connections!

Personal and professional networks can be very helpful in finding positions. Sometimes, you can even be alerted to openings that have not been posted to the public yet.

Use the internet to connect with people you previously worked with. Spread your feelers out far and wide, just be careful to keep your current boss in the dark.

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4.      Customize!

Revamp your resume and cover letter for every job you apply to. The format can stay the same, but swap out work experiences to include only the most relevant. Be sure to incorporate key words from the job ad into your application.

Also, the visual aesthetic of your resume can be just as important as the content it holds. Consider using a trendier new template for your resume- something that will help you to stand out from the crowd, but won’t be an eyesore.

5.      Consider an internal transfer!

Don’t like your job, but still like your company? Sometimes the quickest way out of your job is into another department. This works especially well, if have a good professional image within the company and are generally well-liked.

If you’re trying to move your career up, sometimes the easiest path up is in your own company.

To conclude, persistence, openness, connections, internal transfers, and application customization can all be factors that lead to you landing your next job in record time!

5 Tips on How to Quit Your Job the Right Way

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how to quit your job the right way
how to quit your job the right way

Don’t let emotions get the best of you; follow these 5 steps to quit your job the right way.

1.      Have another job lined up! Gaps in work history can be difficult to explain to future employers. Don’t risk looking flaky; don’t quit until you have an offer letter in hand.

2.      Give Notice! Provide written 2 weeks notice. Notice is expected and the respectable thing to do. Don’t throw the office into a tailspin by not showing up- you never know if you’ll want to come back or if you’ll need a reference.

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3.      Be diplomatic in your exit interview. Be honest, but keep it short and professional.

4.      Continue to work hard. Even your last 2 weeks in position should be a fine representation of the positive professional image you’ve worked hard to create. Don’t slack off, and responsibly hand off any ongoing projects as needed.

5.      Stay Positive. Don’t start complaining about the reason you are quitting to anyone who asks (and lots of people will ask) or start venting about your co-workers. This is also a part of your professional image- you don’t cause workplace drama. Plus, don’t sour people’s views of you- you never know who you will work with, or for, again.

To conclude, keep these 5 tips in mind the next time you’re ready to make a job change. Be diplomatic and maintain your positive professional image!

6 No Damage Ways to Decorate a Rental

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how to decorate with no damage
how to decorate with no damage

The struggle can be real when trying to decorate a rental without causing damage or permanent change. Read on for six damage free ways to customize your space!

1.      Shelf liners are your friend. Liners come in all sorts of designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste, and you can put them anywhere. You can line drawers, shelves, and even put them under cabinets.

2.      Counter adhesives. You can change the look of your bathroom and kitchen counters without permanent change. Just lift off the print when you leave.

3.      Plants. Real or fake plants, really add to the ambiance of a space and can easily be moved, changed, or removed.

4.      Light fixtures. Even just changing the cones on ceiling fixtures can change the look of a fixture.

5.      Rugs. Don’t like the hardwood or carpet that came with your rental? Then cover them with rugs. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

6.      Wall Adhesives. Single panels of wallpaper are easy to put up and can highlight a room as an accent wall. Wall decals with words can also be used for a definite personal touch.

To conclude, hopefully this list has inspired you with ideas so you can decorate your rental to your heart’s content without worrying about losing your deposit. Happy decorating!

5 Essential Steps to Get the Raise You Want!

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how to get a raise
how to get a raise

You think your job would be better if you made more money. Yet, it can be intimidating to ask for a raise. Follow these 5 tips and increase your chances of getting a yes!

1.       Be a good employee.

First and foremost, deserve a raise. Be sure to have good attendance and work performance. Look at your last performance evaluation, did you improve upon any weaknesses? Did you go above and beyond your job description?

2.      Do your research.

Research your market value. We’d all like to make more money, but how much is the market realistically going to pay you? Come up with a reasonable number.

Take into consideration factors such as job title, industry, years of experience, location, and any additional certifications or training you may have.

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3.      Prepare a list of accomplishments.

Your boss is too busy to remember all your projects and exemplary work. So, don’t be shy and toot your own horn.

Be specific and don’t over exaggerate.

4.      Timing is important.

Time your proposal just right. If your company had a bad financial quarter, they’re probably less likely to hand out pay increases.

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5.      Ask with confidence.

If you don’t have regularly scheduled meetings with your manager, politely request a meeting. (Don’t wait for them to come to you first.) Then be on time, straightforward, and concise. Be confident- you have done the work for this raise. I know money can be a touchy subject, but don’t get emotional.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t receive.

To conclude, don’t let inexperience and self-doubt get in between you and the raise you want. Approach your boss with confidence and ask for a raise with these five tips.