Inexpensive Rose Gold Desk Accessories

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rose gold desk accessories
rose gold desk accessories

Do you love rose gold? Rose gold has been experiencing a bit of a heyday. Ranging from hair color to home décor, rose gold products can be found in abundance. Want to enjoy the trend but don’t want to dye your hair rose gold? Don’t worry you can still surround yourself with the popular and pretty color. If you spend a lot of time in your office, it makes sense to pimp your desk accessories by turning them all rose gold. As all trends come and go, we have found some inexpensive items to enjoy. Read on for a collection of the prettiest inexpensive rose gold desk accessories!

    1. Paper clips

So cute…

  1. Paper Clip Holder

To hold the rose gold paper clips…

    1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are great for organization.

    1. Phone Holder

Let’s be honest, cell phones are always nearby. Sometimes it’s a productivity killer, but other times it is a necessary break. It can be easier to prop your phone up, so you can watch cat videos and write emails at the same time.

    1. Pen

Who doesn’t want to use a pretty pen?

    1. Pen Holder

And let’s put the pens in here. Lol.

    1. Mouse Pad

I find using a mouse and mouse pad quicker than using the trackpad on my laptop.

    1. Calendar Blocks

Note these are described as ‘golden’ but they look like they would still look good with rose gold products. I wanted to include these because they look so cute. Skip if your don’t like them.

    1. Document Letter Tray

Organize mail and other documents here.

    1. Wall Mount Letter Holder

These look good on the wall. Don’t they? Helpful if you’re short on desk real estate.

    1. Magazine Holder

Thicker items like journals, agendas, books, or magazines would look nice in here. Better here than ungraciously piled up on the floor next to the bed or sofa.

    1. Scissors

Give these a home in the pretty rose gold pen cup.

    1. Letter Opener

Precisely and stylishly open your mail correspondences. Fancy, isn’t it?

To conclude, rose gold accessories are quite popular. Hopefully this list helps you to fill your world, specifically your desk, with inexpensive options to enjoy this trend. Let’s fulfill our house goals by decorating to our hearts content until our surroundings make us happy.

Note all prices are subject to change.

3 Tips to Save Money Fast!

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How to Save Money Fast
How to Save Money Fast

Are you saving for a large purchase like a new car or a down payment on a house? Read on for 3 tips to help you save money fast!

1.      Slash Everyday Expenses. Examine your daily routine and expenses and see where you can make cuts.

·        Do you drive to work? Save money on gas by carpooling with your spouse, friends or co-workers.

·        Do you buy a morning coffee? Go on a temporary hiatus from visiting your favorite barista. Make cheaper coffee at home or better- drink the free coffee in the office break room.

·        Do you buy lunch? Bring a lunch from home. This can save you a lot of money.

·        Do you go out for drinks after work? Consider grabbing drinks only during happy hours. Or have drinks at home. Invite your friends over instead of buying drinks at a bar. It will be much cheaper.

·        Do you drive all over town running errands? Save gas money by concentrating trips- instead of going out several days in a row, go one day and do it all. Also, visit shopping centers that have all the businesses you need in one place (think bank, groceries, dry cleaner, etc.) instead of driving all over.

2.      Slash Extravagances. Examine your pricier purchases and see where you can make cuts.

·        Fancy vacation planned? Try a less expensive stay-cation instead.

·        Expensive dates on the calendar? Consider cooking dinners at home. Or watching movies on tv.

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3.      Make More Money. When you have a goal in mind, any little bit of cash helps to get you there faster. Try to raise some extra money in your spare time.  

·        Have a hobby? Turn it into a side hustle. Can you make or do something that other people would pay money for? Think about your skills, and then use them.

·        Like animals? Try dog walking or pet sitting. People love their pets and are usually very willing to pay someone to take good care of them.

Remember, this is all about cutting out non-essentials to achieve the bigger goal you have in mind. Learn to like sacrifice.

To conclude, slashing your daily expenses and your extravagant plans, can help you save money fast. Also, save money for a goal even faster by making more money in your spare time.

3 Simple Ways to Decorate on a Budget

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how to decorate on a budget
how to decorate on a budget

Feel like your space just doesn’t feel like you? Are you frustrated because you want to decorate but don’t have the budget for it? Read on for three ideas that can help you make a beautiful space that matches your aesthetic preferences.

1.      Think small scale.

·        Do you want to paint but don’t have the money or time? For a quick exterior fix- paint the front door a fresh new color. For the inside- paint an accent wall. If you’re not fond of paint, wallpapering a single wall can also make for a good accent wall. Even smaller scale would be adding a wall decal.

·        New ceiling light fixtures can be pricey. Instead try replacing just the cones on the light fixtures. Inexpensive fairy lights can also add to the ambiance of a room.

2.      Think fake.

·        Like artwork? Buy less expensive prints to hang on your walls instead.

·        Flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last. Buy fake flowers and plants once and enjoy their beauty forever.

3.      Give existing items a facelift.

·        Is the sofa starting to look a bit dated? Or want to hide some stains that just won’t lift? Hide everything with a slipcover. Slipcovers come in all sorts of colors and fabrics.

·        Give a living room or bedroom new life with some throw pillows and blankets.

·        Tired of your floors? Rugs are cheaper than replacing carpet or getting new hardwood floors.

To conclude, hopefully these three easy to implement strategies have given you some ideas on how to decorate your space on a budget.

10 Great Budget Friendly Dates!

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budget date ideas
budget date ideas

Coming up with date night ideas can be difficult, especially when you have a budget in mind. But fear not! There are many less expensive alternatives to the traditional pricey date excursion. Read on to keep the good times rollin’! Here is a list of 10 inexpensive date ideas to enjoy with your significant other.

Nighttime Activities

1.      Make dinner at home together. Instead of dinner out at an expensive restaurant, make something nice together. It will cost less, probably taste just as good, and the kitchen teamwork can be super fun.

2.      Movie night with cuddling on the sofa. Evening movie ticket prices can be a bummer, especially when you add in snacks and drinks (not to mention the crazy alcohol prices). So, rent, borrow, or stream a movie at home. The added benefits include no pesky arm rest to limit cuddling, being able to pause when you need to go to the bathroom during the climax of the movie, and your favorite snacks purchased at a decent price. If the weather is nice and you want to go the extra mile, try movie night on the lawn. Grab some blankets and pillows and enjoy! (You could use a projector for this or if you’re going more low-key a laptop will work also.)

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3.      Massages for all. No need to go to a pricy spa. Have your partner give you a nice rub down. Massages can be relaxing or stimulating, that can be left to your preferences.

4.      Have a game night. Have a preference for cards? Board games? Childish games or Mature games? The options are endless. Grab some pillows and snacks and hunker down for some friendly competition.

5.      Nostalgia night. Take a trip down memory lane. Watch movies and listen to songs you liked as kids or teenagers. Look at each other’s yearbooks and laugh about awkward haircuts and horrible fashion statements. This activity is great for laughs and you may also learn some new things about each other.

Daytime Activities

6.      Go for a scenic hike. Or walk at a nice park. Nature is free to enjoy for all, just need a pair of comfortable shoes.

7.      (If the weather is nice) A picnic. Picnics can be done on the super cheap or spruced up as you wish. Grab some finger foods and a blanket and you’re set to rush out the door. If you want a little more production, a sun shade, music, and outdoor game can also be prepared.

8.      DIY home project. Grab some tools and cold drinks and fix something around the house. It’ll be fun and a productive use of time.

9.      Play outside. Have some sports equipment around? Go to a local court and shoot some hoops or play tennis. Enjoy the fresh air and physical exertion. This is a great way to have fun together and stay in shape.

10.   Volunteer. Spend the day doing something nice for others. It will make your hearts feel good. There are lots of options for service; pick something that fits with both of your interests. Play with animals living at the local shelter, write cards to the elderly or overseas service members, serve food at a soup kitchen, or help build a house for those in need.

To conclude, I hope this list gave you some ideas for budget friendly dates. Dating can still be fun, memorable, and bond-building when you’re on a budget.