72 Ways to Make Money Now!

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72 ways to make money now
72 ways to make money now

Looking for a way to make some money without going the traditional 9-5 route? Read on for a list of ways to make money using your skills and sweat. These ideas can be used as one-off opportunities to raise some quick cash or they can be grown into thriving hustles. Many of these can be done as side hustles with unlimited potential for future growth. See if there is one that suits you! Here are 72 ways to make money!

If you like animals:

  1. Dog sitting
  2. Dog walking
  3. Dog washing
  4. Dog grooming
  5. Cat sitting
  6. Cat walking
  7. Run an animal kennel
  8. Puppy obedience training
  9. Teach animals tricks

If you like kids:

  1. Babysitting
  2. Nanny
  3. Live-in nanny
  4. In-home daycare
  5. Tutoring
  6. College entrance exam prep
  7. Be a clown/entertainer at children’s parties
  8. Be a life-size cartoon character at parties
  9. Do face painting at parties

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If you have a talent:

  1. Make calligraphy invitations
  2. Sell paintings
  3. Sell stock photos on a stock photo website
  4. Create a blog
  5. Take photos of events
  6. Take video of events
  7. Post videos online
  8. Write articles
  9. Write a novel
  10. Draw a webtoon
  11. Make logos
  12. Sell tee-shirt designs
  13. Create and sell jewelry
  14. Create and sell soap
  15. Create and sell____ (fill in with any product you can make)
  16. Give instrument lessons
  17. Give chess lessons
  18. Give singing lessons
  19. Give foreign language lessons
  20. Give ____ lessons (fill in with any talent you can teach to someone else)
  21. Sing at parties/events

If you like being outside:

  1. Mow lawns
  2. Weed gardens and rake leaves
  3. Grow and sell fruit at a farmer’s market
  4. Grow and sell vegetables at a farmer’s market
  5. Grow and sell flowers at a farmer’s market
  6. Raise bees and sell the honey
  7. Raise cows and sell the milk or cheese
  8. Raise chickens and sell the meat or eggs
  9. Plant and maintain a garden for someone else
  10. Paint houses or fences
  11. Collect and recycle scrap metal and cans for money
  12. Give tourists tours of your city

If you have room to spare:

  1. Become a landlord
  2. Rent a room to long-term boarders
  3. Rent a room to overnight guests


  1. Fill out paid surveys online
  2. Participate in mock juries online
  3. Be a mystery shopper
  4. Sell your hair
  5. Sell your eggs
  6. Sell your sperm
  7. Sell your plasma
  8. Be a model for artists
  9. Use phone apps to get money back for shopping
  10. Drive people around
  11. Run errands for others
  12. Do simple household tasks for others
  13. Become a day trader
  14. Sell online game money and items for real life money
  15. Sell online game characters for real life money
  16. Sell your unwanted possessions online or at a garage sale
  17. Win a talent show
  18. Buy and sell items for a profit

To conclude, there you have it 72 ways to make money quick or turn one of these ideas into a lasting enterprise. Hopefully this list has inspired you with ways to earn money without getting a 9 to 5 job. Or if you have a 9 to 5 job, an activity that you can do on the side. Let’s achieve our money goals!

Smash Your Next Job Interview; 7 Interview Do’s and Don’ts

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interview dos and don'ts
interview dos and don’ts

You got a job interview. Great! Now what?!

Now is not the time for panic; now is the time for strategy. Help yourself to outshine your competition by making sure to do these interview Do’s and avoiding these Don’ts. Read on for helpful tips to completely smash your job interview.

  1. Do: Be Positive.

Smile and act like you want to be there. Spin it so that all of your answers are positive. Have an optimistic point of view. This will make you seem more likeable and more well-adjusted.

Don’t: Be Negative.

Do not bash previous employers or coworkers. Instead speak constructively about previous negative work experiences. Don’t question your abilities or competence to do the job.

  1. Do: Practice.

Rehearse your answers to common interview questions. Talk in front of a mirror so that you can practice open body mannerisms, like smiling and not crossing your arms.

Practicing and thinking about responses to questions will help you in the interview. You won’t get stumped and give off the cuff answers as much.

Don’t: Use a lot of filler words.

Um, so, like. These fillers can make you sound less confident and less competent. Practice so that you can speak fluidly without stumbling.

  1. Do: Be concise.

Short, sweet, and to the point answers are great.

Don’t: Don’t drag on and on forever.

The more you talk you the better the chance you might lose your train of thought or go off on tangents that don’t relate to the question.

This is especially important if you don’t have a great answer for the question- if you feel yourself just talking to talk- STOP!

  1. Do: Dress for the occasion.

Be clean and well dressed. It shows respect for the opportunity and that you are serious and capable. Consider the company culture and industry. If the office is full of suits, so should you be.

Generally speaking, it is better to be over-dressed than under-dressed at an interview. Consider a smart blazer, button up, slacks, and appropriate heels.

Don’t: Show up messy.

Dirty or torn clothes are a definite interview no-no. Ripped jeans and printed tee shirts should not be your interview go-to outfit. Overly revealing and provocative clothing should also not be worn.

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  1. Do: Arrive early.

Give yourself as much time as you can to arrive at your interview. Have time to get yourself oriented and compose yourself. Fix your hair, maybe pop a breath mint. Take a few breaths and calm yourself.

Don’t think about the bad drivers on the road or how hot it was in your car. Calm yourself and think about your rehearsed interview answers and give yourself a pep talk before your interview.

Don’t: Arrive at the last minute.

You’ll be out of breath and stressed. If you walk into an interview in that state you’ll be off your game.

Also, not giving yourself enough time to arrive, may cause you to be late if there is an unexpected traffic jam or accident- and you never want to be late to an interview.

  1. Do: Your research.

Be sure to read up on your prospective employer. It is important to know, and express, how you can contribute to their bottom line.

Don’t: Be flip.

Don’t say that you’re looking for just any job. Insincerity and indifference are not your friend in a job interview.

  1. Do: Ask good questions.

This is your opportunity to see if you’ll like the company. Just as much at the company wants to know if you’ll be a good fit- you want to know if this position/ company is a good fit in your life.

Ask thoughtful questions about the position, company culture, opportunities for advancement- or whatever else is important to you in a job.

This is very important. You don’t want to accept and start a position that doesn’t fit your needs or lifestyle. Use your interview time wisely.

Don’t: Stay quiet.

If you don’t ask any questions at all, an interviewer might think you don’t care about the position or that you aren’t a critical thinker capable of coming up with thoughtful questions.

To conclude, hopefully this list helps you to perform well in your job interviews. Follow these do’s and don’ts and you’ll stand ahead of your competition. Let’s achieve our life goal of having a great career. It all starts with the interview- we can do it!

5 Career Advancing Hobbies

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career advancing hobbies
career advancing hobbies

Do you want to enrich your life with fun and interesting hobbies? Do you also want to increase your job skills to improve your career? Feel like you don’t have time for both? Read on for some fun hobbies to do with your friends (or alone) that have the potential to turn into resume worthy, career advancing, job skills.

  1. Learn a Language.

You may want to learn French for the amazing girls’ trip to Paris you’ve been planning, but this can also turn into a resume worthy job skill. Having fluency in a foreign language in your tool kit can be a valuable skill at the office. In today’s global society, many companies are forging into overseas markets and hiring employees all over the world.

You can turn your language hobby into a career gamechanger.

Maybe your language skills can be the edge to get you that promotion? Or that exciting overseas post? You could be an invaluable member in the office when it comes to communicating with foreign counterparts.

The key is to become as fluent as you can.

  1. Learn Public Speaking.

Do you want a social hobby? Something that you can learn with other people? Then public speaking may be for you. There are clubs that you can join that will help you to improve your communication and public speaking skills.

This is definitely a skill to put on your resume, especially if you work in sales or management. Presentation skills can benefit employees in all industries.

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  1. Start Volunteering.

Pick a cause that really speaks to you and you’ll enjoy the hours you donate. Volunteering is a hobby that will make your insides smile. You can have fun and meet lots of new people.

How can volunteering help your career? Well, oftentimes nonprofit organizations need people who can wear several hats, so you can pick up lots of experience and new skills. It can also be easier to get into leadership positions while volunteering.

Leadership experience always looks good on a resume.

  1. Read (a lot).

Reading can be a huge gateway to entertainment and knowledge. This is a great hobby if you’re looking for a solo activity. Reading can be relaxing, enlightening, thrilling, or romantic. There is a genre for every mood.

If you want to turn it into a social activity, consider joining a book club. Or start one with your existing friends. Add a potluck and book club can turn into a multi-faceted activity.

How can reading more have an impact on your career? Well, the more you read the better your own reading comprehension and writing skills become. Your vocabulary will grow and you will become more articulate. Written communication is a skill important to every profession. If you expand your reading material to include industry related books and journals- the better you will get at your job.

  1. Exercise.

The health benefits of exercise are obvious, but it also makes a lot of sense as a hobby. You can enjoy the company of friends in group classes or you can gather your thoughts on a long scenic walk. There are so many different physical activities to partake in, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality and lifestyle.

It’s not all about the gym- unless you want it to be.

How on earth does exercise help your career? For one, better health will lead to less sick days out. The exercise will clear your head allowing you to focus at work. You’ll have more energy and stamina to do your best during long days and nights at the office. So, maybe not something you can write on your resume, but you’ll definitely see the impact in your work life.

To conclude, hopefully this list helps you find a hobby that can also double as a career advancing skill. Way to be an awesome multi-tasker! Hobbies can be fun and awesome ways to stay connected to your social network. They can also be skills to be cultivated to advance your career. Let’s achieve our life goal of having an awesome career and interesting life.

Conversation Starters for Adults

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conversation starters
conversation starters

Want to start a conversation with someone you don’t know? Is it your first day at a new job or school, or maybe you’re a plus-one at a party with no one you know? There are lots of situations where you can find yourself alone and just desperately wanting someone to come talk to you.

But you don’t need someone to approach you first, because you have conversation starters! You can start a conversation with anyone you want- don’t be intimidated. Read on for some conversation starters that will lead to fun and interesting conversations.

So, you’ve walked up to someone and introduced yourself, now what?

  1. Ask them about a current event.

Okay, so this one might need some homework before you go to that party. Unless, you read a newspaper everyday… scan the hot topics for some articles that interest you while you’re getting ready. Word of caution: of course, you want to steer clear of obvious controversial topics like politics and religion. You don’t want to debate with or ruffle the feathers of a bunch of strangers, do you? No, you want to be pleasant and likeable.

Also, don’t pick stories that you know nothing about just because you think they will impress or make you look smart or cool. If you don’t know anything about stocks and bonds, people will realize soon enough.

  1. Compliment them.

Try to pick something unique or different about your companion, because there might be more of a story there to keep them talking. Some examples of conversation starting compliments: “That’s a pretty necklace. It’s pretty unique.” The response might be: “Yes, it’s an heirloom…” Or how about: “I love your hair. Do you have a hair salon you could recommend?”

These compliments will draw people out and you’ll be able to get to know them better.

  1. Talk about what you have in common.

If you’re at a party ask them how they know the host. Respond by telling them a funny story that involved you and the host. Maybe you’re a foodie and the appetizers are great. Use what’s around you. Or if you’re at a new job, ask them what they enjoy about the company and what they’re looking to do with their career. You can continue by telling them how nervous you were at the interview.

Think about what surrounds you both and use it.

  1. Consider the timing.

Are you at a retirement party? Halloween party? Ask them how they put together their costume. What was their most creative costume ever? Their favorite holiday memories?

Use the event specifics to spur your conversation efforts.

Now that you’ve got the conversation started, keep it going!

Important note: don’t get lost in your head- worried about what you should say next. You don’t have to stress about remembering your conversation starters. Just listen to the person you’re talking to and what you should say next will come naturally. Be interested in what they have to say and then respond with something just as funny and entertaining.

If you’re worried about putting your foot in your mouth, just remember these two things: stay away from controversial topics and don’t make fun of people (at the event or in the news). You don’t want to come off as a bully or mean.

Also, if you want to have an engaging conversation with someone- don’t pull out your phone! It’s the ultimate conversation killer. Plus, your companion might think you’re not interested and rude.

To conclude, hopefully this how to list of conversation starters helps you to approach people with more confidence to have fun and interesting conversations. Don’t be afraid- you can do it. Let’s achieve our life goal of having meaningful relationships with others! The conversation starts now!

Inexpensive Rose Gold Desk Accessories

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rose gold desk accessories
rose gold desk accessories

Do you love rose gold? Rose gold has been experiencing a bit of a heyday. Ranging from hair color to home décor, rose gold products can be found in abundance. Want to enjoy the trend but don’t want to dye your hair rose gold? Don’t worry you can still surround yourself with the popular and pretty color. If you spend a lot of time in your office, it makes sense to pimp your desk accessories by turning them all rose gold. As all trends come and go, we have found some inexpensive items to enjoy. Read on for a collection of the prettiest inexpensive rose gold desk accessories!

    1. Paper clips

So cute…

  1. Paper Clip Holder

To hold the rose gold paper clips…

    1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are great for organization.

    1. Phone Holder

Let’s be honest, cell phones are always nearby. Sometimes it’s a productivity killer, but other times it is a necessary break. It can be easier to prop your phone up, so you can watch cat videos and write emails at the same time.

    1. Pen

Who doesn’t want to use a pretty pen?

    1. Pen Holder

And let’s put the pens in here. Lol.

    1. Mouse Pad

I find using a mouse and mouse pad quicker than using the trackpad on my laptop.

    1. Calendar Blocks

Note these are described as ‘golden’ but they look like they would still look good with rose gold products. I wanted to include these because they look so cute. Skip if your don’t like them.

    1. Document Letter Tray

Organize mail and other documents here.

    1. Wall Mount Letter Holder

These look good on the wall. Don’t they? Helpful if you’re short on desk real estate.

    1. Magazine Holder

Thicker items like journals, agendas, books, or magazines would look nice in here. Better here than ungraciously piled up on the floor next to the bed or sofa.

    1. Scissors

Give these a home in the pretty rose gold pen cup.

    1. Letter Opener

Precisely and stylishly open your mail correspondences. Fancy, isn’t it?

To conclude, rose gold accessories are quite popular. Hopefully this list helps you to fill your world, specifically your desk, with inexpensive options to enjoy this trend. Let’s fulfill our house goals by decorating to our hearts content until our surroundings make us happy.

Note all prices are subject to change.

5 Email Mistakes that can Ruin Your Career!

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email mistakes to stop making
email mistakes to stop making

Email can ruin your career! The way you treat your business email is a reflection of your professional image. You must be careful and prudent to not let it ruin your standing at work. Your business email is not like your personal email. The people you email at work are not to be treated the same way. Read on for some email mistakes that can ruin your career!

  1. Sending too many personal emails.

Do not treat your business email directory like a garage sale. Occasional non-work-related emails that may be of interest to everyone are ok. Examples include, finding a lost phone in the break room or the presence of a beloved food truck in the vicinity. But, continuously trying to sell extra sporting event tickets or unwanted pets are not ok. If you know for sure of a particular coworker who would be interested in the item you are trying to sell- email that person directly. Do not bomb the whole office with irrelevant emails.

  1. Not using proper grammar.

Your friends may not mind if you use slang or emoticons instead of real words when you text or email them, but this looks very unprofessional to your work colleagues. Re-read your emails and check your spelling and grammar. Do you want your boss to question whether or not your communications to clients are the same way? The way you write to your coworkers is an example of your communication and interpersonal skills. Make sure they uphold your fine professional image.

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  1. Sending too many “Thank You” emails.

Most business people receive way too many emails for their liking. Ever go to work and find your email inbox has exploded? Now consider having to go through and filter out the nonessential “thank you” emails- the exactly two-word emails that are a waste of time to read and delete.  Thanks is assumed. If you are worried you might appear rude, then include a “thanks in advance” or “thank you” at the end of the emails you send out. This way a separate two-word email is definitely unnecessary. Filling inboxes with these emails will make you and your emails seem like a nuisance.

  1. Putting things in writing that you really shouldn’t.

Never make fun of people or their ideas in email. Never complain or badmouth recklessly. Don’t think this is ok even with people that you trust. You never know when someone will hit the Forward button and get you into a heap of trouble.

  1. Using “Reply All” indiscriminately.

There is a difference between “Reply” and “Reply All”. This mistake goes along the lines of sending too many nonessential emails. If you need to continue a conversation after receiving a mass email, then reply only to the relevant people. The whole company does not need to be included in your issues.

To conclude, hopefully this list was helpful in showing you common email mistakes that can ruin you career. Your professional image is on the line with every business email that you send. So, be sure you are on your best behavior and follow business email etiquette. Let’s achieve our life goal of succeeding at our career goals!

5 Common Career Mistakes and How to Avoid Them!

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common career mistakes
common career mistakes

Working hard to achieve your career goals? Then read this carefully. Here are some common career mistakes you may be making- and how to avoid them! If one of your life goals is to succeed at your job and achieve your career goals, hopefully these tips will help you take to charge of your success.

  1. Mistake: Not staying current. Change is inevitable. For your career to grow and advance you have to stay current with what is going on in your industry.

Solution: You should make efforts to learn new techniques and to gain additional education when possible. Seminars, industry journals, continuing education provided by your employer, certifications, and additional education degrees are all useful when trying to advance your career.

  1. Mistake: Not socializing with management and coworkers. Never been to an office holiday party or drinks after work? This is a mistake. Networking and making connections will help your career in ways you cannot foresee.

Solution: You should attend events and be friendly with everyone. You don’t have to go to every social event but make a point to show up sometimes and put on your interested face. It doesn’t help to go and stand in the corner.

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  1. Mistake: Not seeking out a mentor. Ever wondered about whether you should go to graduate school or whether you should take a certain job? Floundered about with no one to ask for advice?

Solution: Find a mentor. They won’t solve your problems for you, but they can give you valuable insight and advice. Already having experience in your industry, they are more likely to know what skills will be useful to your career. Pick someone who has a career you envy and would like to imitate. It goes without saying that you should approach people who want to help a mentee. Don’t waste time barking up a tree that doesn’t want to/ or have the time to answer questions.

  1. Mistake: Not making career goals. Day after day you go to work. Day after day you do what is necessary to get by to the weekend. You make enough money for now and you like the way things are… or maybe you don’t. But you never change anything, because you haven’t set real measurable goals for yourself. You’re not actively working towards anything so you don’t make progress and in a couple years, you realize that you’ve been stagnating.

Solution: Stop standing still and write down what you want your career to look like. Make goals that you can actively work towards achieving.

  1. Mistake: Not accepting responsibility for your career. At work, good things don’t come to people who wait to be recognized. You can’t expect and wait for your superiors to suddenly see what a good worker you are and lavish you with promotions.

Solution: Do the research, put in the hard work, and take yourself where you want to go. You have to go after the raises and promotions that you want. Your success is in your hands.

To conclude, we have compiled a list of some common career mistakes and solutions to avoid those mistakes. With the right attitude and these tips, hopefully you will be able to take charge and fulfill your life goal of succeeding in your career.

3 Tips to Save Money Fast!

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How to Save Money Fast
How to Save Money Fast

Are you saving for a large purchase like a new car or a down payment on a house? Read on for 3 tips to help you save money fast!

1.      Slash Everyday Expenses. Examine your daily routine and expenses and see where you can make cuts.

·        Do you drive to work? Save money on gas by carpooling with your spouse, friends or co-workers.

·        Do you buy a morning coffee? Go on a temporary hiatus from visiting your favorite barista. Make cheaper coffee at home or better- drink the free coffee in the office break room.

·        Do you buy lunch? Bring a lunch from home. This can save you a lot of money.

·        Do you go out for drinks after work? Consider grabbing drinks only during happy hours. Or have drinks at home. Invite your friends over instead of buying drinks at a bar. It will be much cheaper.

·        Do you drive all over town running errands? Save gas money by concentrating trips- instead of going out several days in a row, go one day and do it all. Also, visit shopping centers that have all the businesses you need in one place (think bank, groceries, dry cleaner, etc.) instead of driving all over.

2.      Slash Extravagances. Examine your pricier purchases and see where you can make cuts.

·        Fancy vacation planned? Try a less expensive stay-cation instead.

·        Expensive dates on the calendar? Consider cooking dinners at home. Or watching movies on tv.

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3.      Make More Money. When you have a goal in mind, any little bit of cash helps to get you there faster. Try to raise some extra money in your spare time.  

·        Have a hobby? Turn it into a side hustle. Can you make or do something that other people would pay money for? Think about your skills, and then use them.

·        Like animals? Try dog walking or pet sitting. People love their pets and are usually very willing to pay someone to take good care of them.

Remember, this is all about cutting out non-essentials to achieve the bigger goal you have in mind. Learn to like sacrifice.

To conclude, slashing your daily expenses and your extravagant plans, can help you save money fast. Also, save money for a goal even faster by making more money in your spare time.

10 Career Skills to Master in your 20s

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10 career skills to master in your 20s
10 career skills to master in your 20s

Master these skills in your 20’s and start your career off on the right foot. After floundering about myself, I have found that these 10 career skills are game changers.

1.      Make a 30 second elevator speech and use it to sell yourself.

Memorize your short introduction and then use it all the time… whenever someone new asks you about yourself.

2.      The value of a good resume.

Make sure to fill it with all sorts of keywords so it passes HR review every time you apply for a job.

3.      How to ask for a raise.

No one is just going to give you what you want. You have to ask for everything yourself.

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4.      Network and maintain connections.

Be nice to everyone; you never know how other people will impact your career.

5.      Be a team player.

Very few are jobs that are totally independent. Learn to work with people.

6.      Find a mentor(s).

Mentors can be great resources. They can open doors and give valuable career advice.

7.      When to make a job change.

If a job isn’t helping you get to your end goals, you have to move on to better things. Leaving a position you’re comfortable in is really hard, but if you don’t want your career to stagnate- you have to make a change!

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8.      Accept critique and improve your skills.

Criticism can be tough to hear, but when someone you trust points out flaws, examine and decide how to improve your performance.

9.      Time management.

No one cares about great work if it isn’t completed on time. Learn how to overcome distractions and procrastination.

Last and most importantly….

10.   Set goals and motivate yourself.

No one will ever care more about your career than you. Set goals and motivate yourself to achieve them.

To conclude, I hope this list of career skills to develop in your 20’s will help you throughout your career. Develop them early on and set yourself up for smooth sailing.

10 Essentials for your Workwear Closet!

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how to dress for work
how to dress for work

Need help figuring out how to dress for work? If you’re just starting your career or just new to the office environment, figuring out what to wear to work can be a struggle. The image you present at work can either work for you or against you. Read on for a collection of workwear basics to help you fit into the corporate jungle!


1.      Button up shirts.

Button ups are versatile and good to have on hand. Blouses and sweaters are fine to wear to the office also. I would steer away from tees with writing and novelty tees, because they can look unprofessional.


2.      Slacks.

Light and dark colors to match your tops. Depending on the work environment, jeans and leggings may be acceptable- but I would reserve those for Casual Fridays. Ponte pants can be a more comfortable work pant option.

3.      Skirts.

Pencil skirts are a classic work look but they don’t have to be the only option in your work wardrobe. Just be cautious of length.

4.      Dresses.

Work appropriate dresses are plentiful and nice for when work turns into cocktails with coworkers afterwards.


5.      Cardigans.

Dressing in layers is recommended, because unfortunately we are not in control of the thermostat at work.

6.      Blazers.

Usually worn to interviews, but these are also great for presentations and general everyday wear. Blazers come in all colors and fits, I find having one dark and one light is a great start.

7.      Coat.

Don’t ruin your nice work ensemble by throwing on an old windbreaker as you rush out the door in the morning. Get a nice coat to complete your look and look professional all the way to and from work.


8.      Shoes.

Shoes should be comfortable but dressy. A pair of heels and a pair of flats should give your work wardrobe some versatility. If you have a crazy commute or can’t drive in heels, a pair of flats or sneakers you only wear in the car or subway may be useful.

9.      Work tote.

For carrying lunch, umbrella, work files, etc. Having a nice roomy tote that still looks professional is a functional and important element of the work wardrobe.

10.   Accessories.

A watch. Or perhaps a statement necklace. Pieces that can make simpler basics shine.

All workwear must be clean, in good condition, and well-fitting. However, most important is confidence. Let your wardrobe catch people’s attention, but once caught keep it with your confidence and personality.

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To conclude, hopefully this list inspires and helps you to create a functional work wardrobe that you love. How to dress for work does not have to be hard. Let’s achieve our life goal of having a work wardrobe that helps us to succeed at work.