5 Career Advancing Hobbies

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career advancing hobbies
career advancing hobbies

Do you want to enrich your life with fun and interesting hobbies? Do you also want to increase your job skills to improve your career? Feel like you don’t have time for both? Read on for some fun hobbies to do with your friends (or alone) that have the potential to turn into resume worthy, career advancing, job skills.

  1. Learn a Language.

You may want to learn French for the amazing girls’ trip to Paris you’ve been planning, but this can also turn into a resume worthy job skill. Having fluency in a foreign language in your tool kit can be a valuable skill at the office. In today’s global society, many companies are forging into overseas markets and hiring employees all over the world.

You can turn your language hobby into a career gamechanger.

Maybe your language skills can be the edge to get you that promotion? Or that exciting overseas post? You could be an invaluable member in the office when it comes to communicating with foreign counterparts.

The key is to become as fluent as you can.

  1. Learn Public Speaking.

Do you want a social hobby? Something that you can learn with other people? Then public speaking may be for you. There are clubs that you can join that will help you to improve your communication and public speaking skills.

This is definitely a skill to put on your resume, especially if you work in sales or management. Presentation skills can benefit employees in all industries.

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  1. Start Volunteering.

Pick a cause that really speaks to you and you’ll enjoy the hours you donate. Volunteering is a hobby that will make your insides smile. You can have fun and meet lots of new people.

How can volunteering help your career? Well, oftentimes nonprofit organizations need people who can wear several hats, so you can pick up lots of experience and new skills. It can also be easier to get into leadership positions while volunteering.

Leadership experience always looks good on a resume.

  1. Read (a lot).

Reading can be a huge gateway to entertainment and knowledge. This is a great hobby if you’re looking for a solo activity. Reading can be relaxing, enlightening, thrilling, or romantic. There is a genre for every mood.

If you want to turn it into a social activity, consider joining a book club. Or start one with your existing friends. Add a potluck and book club can turn into a multi-faceted activity.

How can reading more have an impact on your career? Well, the more you read the better your own reading comprehension and writing skills become. Your vocabulary will grow and you will become more articulate. Written communication is a skill important to every profession. If you expand your reading material to include industry related books and journals- the better you will get at your job.

  1. Exercise.

The health benefits of exercise are obvious, but it also makes a lot of sense as a hobby. You can enjoy the company of friends in group classes or you can gather your thoughts on a long scenic walk. There are so many different physical activities to partake in, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality and lifestyle.

It’s not all about the gym- unless you want it to be.

How on earth does exercise help your career? For one, better health will lead to less sick days out. The exercise will clear your head allowing you to focus at work. You’ll have more energy and stamina to do your best during long days and nights at the office. So, maybe not something you can write on your resume, but you’ll definitely see the impact in your work life.

To conclude, hopefully this list helps you find a hobby that can also double as a career advancing skill. Way to be an awesome multi-tasker! Hobbies can be fun and awesome ways to stay connected to your social network. They can also be skills to be cultivated to advance your career. Let’s achieve our life goal of having an awesome career and interesting life.

Conversation Starters for Adults

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conversation starters
conversation starters

Want to start a conversation with someone you don’t know? Is it your first day at a new job or school, or maybe you’re a plus-one at a party with no one you know? There are lots of situations where you can find yourself alone and just desperately wanting someone to come talk to you.

But you don’t need someone to approach you first, because you have conversation starters! You can start a conversation with anyone you want- don’t be intimidated. Read on for some conversation starters that will lead to fun and interesting conversations.

So, you’ve walked up to someone and introduced yourself, now what?

  1. Ask them about a current event.

Okay, so this one might need some homework before you go to that party. Unless, you read a newspaper everyday… scan the hot topics for some articles that interest you while you’re getting ready. Word of caution: of course, you want to steer clear of obvious controversial topics like politics and religion. You don’t want to debate with or ruffle the feathers of a bunch of strangers, do you? No, you want to be pleasant and likeable.

Also, don’t pick stories that you know nothing about just because you think they will impress or make you look smart or cool. If you don’t know anything about stocks and bonds, people will realize soon enough.

  1. Compliment them.

Try to pick something unique or different about your companion, because there might be more of a story there to keep them talking. Some examples of conversation starting compliments: “That’s a pretty necklace. It’s pretty unique.” The response might be: “Yes, it’s an heirloom…” Or how about: “I love your hair. Do you have a hair salon you could recommend?”

These compliments will draw people out and you’ll be able to get to know them better.

  1. Talk about what you have in common.

If you’re at a party ask them how they know the host. Respond by telling them a funny story that involved you and the host. Maybe you’re a foodie and the appetizers are great. Use what’s around you. Or if you’re at a new job, ask them what they enjoy about the company and what they’re looking to do with their career. You can continue by telling them how nervous you were at the interview.

Think about what surrounds you both and use it.

  1. Consider the timing.

Are you at a retirement party? Halloween party? Ask them how they put together their costume. What was their most creative costume ever? Their favorite holiday memories?

Use the event specifics to spur your conversation efforts.

Now that you’ve got the conversation started, keep it going!

Important note: don’t get lost in your head- worried about what you should say next. You don’t have to stress about remembering your conversation starters. Just listen to the person you’re talking to and what you should say next will come naturally. Be interested in what they have to say and then respond with something just as funny and entertaining.

If you’re worried about putting your foot in your mouth, just remember these two things: stay away from controversial topics and don’t make fun of people (at the event or in the news). You don’t want to come off as a bully or mean.

Also, if you want to have an engaging conversation with someone- don’t pull out your phone! It’s the ultimate conversation killer. Plus, your companion might think you’re not interested and rude.

To conclude, hopefully this how to list of conversation starters helps you to approach people with more confidence to have fun and interesting conversations. Don’t be afraid- you can do it. Let’s achieve our life goal of having meaningful relationships with others! The conversation starts now!

5 Ways to be Happier Right Now!

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be happier now
be happier now

You can make yourself happier right now! Do you feel like you’re in a rut or do you just want an extra shot of happiness? Read on for a list of tips to get happier now!

1.      Stop living in the past.

The best times of your life aren’t behind you. Nor are they in front of you. The best time of your life is right now. Practice mindfulness in the present.

2.      Let go of all grudges.

When you think of someone you hate, ruminate over all the wrongs they’ve done to you- do you feel good? No! You feel angry, bitter, and betrayed. So, stop it. Let go of the hatred and the revenge. Just move on and go your own way. Do this and it will feel like a weight has been lifted from your shoulders.

3.      Stop comparing yourself to others.

Everyone is living their own lives with their own triumphs and their own struggles. What you see on the outside doesn’t show everything. No one has a struggle free life- no matter what they tell you. So, stop thinking that the grass is greener on the other side or that other people have things better than you do. We all get to where we are going at our own pace. Comparisons mean nothing.

4.      Be grateful.

List all the things you like about yourself and your life and say thank you. Thinking about your loved ones will always bring a smile to your face and make you happier. Go about your day and notice all the things that you are grateful to have in your life.

5.      Make a plan for future awesomeness.

Good things don’t come to people who do nothing. So, start with first things first. Sit down and write out a plan to accomplish the things that you still want to achieve in your life. Come up with actionable steps that you can take right now to start achieving them. Even the smallest action you can take will make you happier because it is a step forward in the direction that you want to go in.

To conclude, hopefully this list inspires you to take action to be happier now, yes right now! These are simple actions that you can do right now that will instantly put a smile on your face and put you on a path to greater future happiness.

5 Morning Time Savers You Need Right Now!

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morning time savers
morning time savers

Morning time savers to the rescue! No one has enough time in the morning. When you have to get out the door quickly, use these 5 easy tips to save time and reduce stress. Make your mornings easy!

1.      Pick out your clothes the night before.

Yes, you aren’t a kid anymore, but honestly our parents made us do this for a reason. It’s so much quicker to just put on what we’ve already decided on and not have to hunt for items in the depths of our closets.

The indecisive parts of us don’t have to waste precious morning time hem-hawing over what to wear. Bonus: Find the shoes you want to wear too. It’s the worse when your late and about to run out the door but you suddenly realize you can’t find the shoes that you wanted to wear. And, of course, no other shoes will match your outfit- so you waste time digging through a mountain of shoes.

To keep your items together and tidy, consider using a clothes hanging butler.

2.      Have a go-to hair and makeup routine that can be completed in 5 minutes or less!

Whether you have wet hair, dry hair, 2nd day hair- create and follow a hairstyle that always works. Same for makeup- create and follow a style that always works and can be done quickly if need be.

3.      Always keep your keys in the same place.

You don’t have to conduct a mad search for your keys and wallet if they’re always in the same place.

Create a special landing pad for your essentials and use it. A place near the front door or a convenient place next to wherever you stop on our way in and out.

4.      Prepare breakfast and lunch beforehand.

Even when you’re in a hurry, it is important not to skip meals. Try making overnight oats that you can eat straight out of the fridge and pack your lunch the night before. If daily meal prep is not possible, try preparing a bunch of meals for the week on Sunday. This requires some planning and know-how but practice makes perfect, right?

5.      Don’t hit the snooze button.

This is the worst thing you can do in the morning. You don’t get anymore rejuvenating sleep, instead you just steal your precious morning minutes away from yourself. Just remember, you’ll probably have to rush if you hit the snooze.

Consider using light increasing alarm clocks. Perhaps you’ll be less inclined to rebelliously hit the snooze button if you are not harshly woken up by a jarring alarm.

To conclude, hopefully this list of morning timesavers helps you to have more stress-free mornings where you can leisurely get ready for your day.

8 Tips to Stay Sane While TTC

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How to Stay Sane While TTC
How to Stay Sane While TTC

Are you ttc? As the months drag on, it can be really difficult to cope with the stress, disappointment, and anxiety. Here is a list of 8 things to do to stay sane while ttc!

1.      Do everything your doctor tells you to do. Keep all your appointments and take all your medications on time. This way you can be assured that you are doing all you can from a medical standpoint.

2.      Make a work goal. Keep in mind that baby making is just one part of your life. Having a successful career can be a facet of a happy and fulfilling life. So, focus on an achievable work goal that you can feel good working towards.

3.      Work towards any goal. If you don’t want to focus on a career goal, make a goal in a different part of your life.

4.      Pick up a hobby (or indulge in an existing one). It’s easy to feel sad and depressed while ttc, so do something you know brings you joy. Hobbies are great ways to pass the time in between months while you wait. Try to still enjoy life.

5.      Workout or find a physical hobby. Moving your body is a great stress reliever. Get rid of your pent-up frustrations in spin class or running up a mountain. Look for an infertility yoga program near you and get the stress relief with the added benefit of finding a community of people experiencing the same issues.

6.      Cry out all your disappointment. When you get your period don’t pretend to be okay. Let loose your feelings. It’s okay to be disappointed, but don’t let those negative feelings dominate your precious time. Cry and then move on. Stay positive.

7.      Go out with friends. Having a support group is key to getting over the rough patches in life. Hang out with friends to get your mind off baby making. Distract yourself with fun times.

8.      Enjoy your significant other. Don’t let baby making consume your every conversation. Do Step 1, discuss and agree upon next steps, and then act like you did before this was your goal. Go on dates, talk, have sex for fun! Remember you didn’t marry your spouse just to make a baby- you fell in love with your life-long companion- so act that way.

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To conclude, hopefully this list gives you some ideas on how to stay sane while ttc. Your journey can be a bit more manageable- you can do it!