Inexpensive Rose Gold Desk Accessories

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rose gold desk accessories
rose gold desk accessories

Do you love rose gold? Rose gold has been experiencing a bit of a heyday. Ranging from hair color to home décor, rose gold products can be found in abundance. Want to enjoy the trend but don’t want to dye your hair rose gold? Don’t worry you can still surround yourself with the popular and pretty color. If you spend a lot of time in your office, it makes sense to pimp your desk accessories by turning them all rose gold. As all trends come and go, we have found some inexpensive items to enjoy. Read on for a collection of the prettiest inexpensive rose gold desk accessories!

    1. Paper clips

So cute…

  1. Paper Clip Holder

To hold the rose gold paper clips…

    1. Binder Clips

Binder clips are great for organization.

    1. Phone Holder

Let’s be honest, cell phones are always nearby. Sometimes it’s a productivity killer, but other times it is a necessary break. It can be easier to prop your phone up, so you can watch cat videos and write emails at the same time.

    1. Pen

Who doesn’t want to use a pretty pen?

    1. Pen Holder

And let’s put the pens in here. Lol.

    1. Mouse Pad

I find using a mouse and mouse pad quicker than using the trackpad on my laptop.

    1. Calendar Blocks

Note these are described as ‘golden’ but they look like they would still look good with rose gold products. I wanted to include these because they look so cute. Skip if your don’t like them.

    1. Document Letter Tray

Organize mail and other documents here.

    1. Wall Mount Letter Holder

These look good on the wall. Don’t they? Helpful if you’re short on desk real estate.

    1. Magazine Holder

Thicker items like journals, agendas, books, or magazines would look nice in here. Better here than ungraciously piled up on the floor next to the bed or sofa.

    1. Scissors

Give these a home in the pretty rose gold pen cup.

    1. Letter Opener

Precisely and stylishly open your mail correspondences. Fancy, isn’t it?

To conclude, rose gold accessories are quite popular. Hopefully this list helps you to fill your world, specifically your desk, with inexpensive options to enjoy this trend. Let’s fulfill our house goals by decorating to our hearts content until our surroundings make us happy.

Note all prices are subject to change.

9 Essentials for a Backyard Movie Night

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backyard movie night essentials
backyard movie night essentials

Looking for a fun family summer activity? Read on for a guide on how to create the perfect backyard movie night experience!


    1. Blankets/Throws. Up the warmth and comfort factor of your backyard with some fluffy blankets to cuddle in. Prevent getting poked by grass, by putting a thicker water proof blanket underneath your blankets. Optional: For those who don’t want to lounge on blankets on the floor, have some outdoor lounge chairs handy.

2. Pillows. Some big plump pillows are great to prop your back and lounge on, so you don’t have to stay sitting up the whole movie.


    1. Fairy lights. Up the ambiance by hanging up some cool overhead string lights. Plus, they’ll make walking around a little safer. Tiki torches are also an option, if you prefer the look.


  1. The classics. Run to the market and pick up your favorite movie theater snacks. Popcorn and candy for all! To make eating outside a little easier (and to hopefully reduce some bug attracting spills) consider grabbing some trays for people to use.

The Tech

    1. Projector. Every movie night needs a big screen. A projector makes it easy for everyone to see the movie. There are lots of models to choose from when buying. Do some research and find one that fits your needs and price point.
    2. Outdoor Speakers. For an enhanced experience use some outdoor speakers to amplify your sound. Really whatever you can hook up that you have on hand will work ok.
    3. The Screen. Project onto a wall of your house or hang a big sheet between some tall trees in your backyard. Or if you’re feeling like movie night could become a regular event at your house, consider diy’ing something permanent or buying a premade screen.
    4. Laptop. You need a source for your movie. Laptops are versatile, but you can use whatever you have that will connect to your projector and sound system.

The Neighbors

  1. Be considerate. If you have close neighbors, it is worth mentioning that your neighbors are a big part of your movie night. Keep the movie PG, if there are kids in the vicinity who might see your screen. Keep the sound at a moderate level. Also, consider inviting your neighbors to help keep the peace.

To conclude, hopefully this list helps you to create the backyard movie night of your dreams. Keep in mind that modifications can be made to make it as fancy or as low-key as you want.

3 Simple Ways to Decorate on a Budget

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how to decorate on a budget
how to decorate on a budget

Feel like your space just doesn’t feel like you? Are you frustrated because you want to decorate but don’t have the budget for it? Read on for three ideas that can help you make a beautiful space that matches your aesthetic preferences.

1.      Think small scale.

·        Do you want to paint but don’t have the money or time? For a quick exterior fix- paint the front door a fresh new color. For the inside- paint an accent wall. If you’re not fond of paint, wallpapering a single wall can also make for a good accent wall. Even smaller scale would be adding a wall decal.

·        New ceiling light fixtures can be pricey. Instead try replacing just the cones on the light fixtures. Inexpensive fairy lights can also add to the ambiance of a room.

2.      Think fake.

·        Like artwork? Buy less expensive prints to hang on your walls instead.

·        Flowers are beautiful, but they don’t last. Buy fake flowers and plants once and enjoy their beauty forever.

3.      Give existing items a facelift.

·        Is the sofa starting to look a bit dated? Or want to hide some stains that just won’t lift? Hide everything with a slipcover. Slipcovers come in all sorts of colors and fabrics.

·        Give a living room or bedroom new life with some throw pillows and blankets.

·        Tired of your floors? Rugs are cheaper than replacing carpet or getting new hardwood floors.

To conclude, hopefully these three easy to implement strategies have given you some ideas on how to decorate your space on a budget.

6 No Damage Ways to Decorate a Rental

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how to decorate with no damage
how to decorate with no damage

The struggle can be real when trying to decorate a rental without causing damage or permanent change. Read on for six damage free ways to customize your space!

1.      Shelf liners are your friend. Liners come in all sorts of designs, so you’ll be sure to find one that suits your taste, and you can put them anywhere. You can line drawers, shelves, and even put them under cabinets.

2.      Counter adhesives. You can change the look of your bathroom and kitchen counters without permanent change. Just lift off the print when you leave.

3.      Plants. Real or fake plants, really add to the ambiance of a space and can easily be moved, changed, or removed.

4.      Light fixtures. Even just changing the cones on ceiling fixtures can change the look of a fixture.

5.      Rugs. Don’t like the hardwood or carpet that came with your rental? Then cover them with rugs. Rugs come in all shapes, sizes, and patterns.

6.      Wall Adhesives. Single panels of wallpaper are easy to put up and can highlight a room as an accent wall. Wall decals with words can also be used for a definite personal touch.

To conclude, hopefully this list has inspired you with ideas so you can decorate your rental to your heart’s content without worrying about losing your deposit. Happy decorating!