72 Ways to Make Money Now!

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72 ways to make money now
72 ways to make money now

Looking for a way to make some money without going the traditional 9-5 route? Read on for a list of ways to make money using your skills and sweat. These ideas can be used as one-off opportunities to raise some quick cash or they can be grown into thriving hustles. Many of these can be done as side hustles with unlimited potential for future growth. See if there is one that suits you! Here are 72 ways to make money!

If you like animals:

  1. Dog sitting
  2. Dog walking
  3. Dog washing
  4. Dog grooming
  5. Cat sitting
  6. Cat walking
  7. Run an animal kennel
  8. Puppy obedience training
  9. Teach animals tricks

If you like kids:

  1. Babysitting
  2. Nanny
  3. Live-in nanny
  4. In-home daycare
  5. Tutoring
  6. College entrance exam prep
  7. Be a clown/entertainer at children’s parties
  8. Be a life-size cartoon character at parties
  9. Do face painting at parties

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If you have a talent:

  1. Make calligraphy invitations
  2. Sell paintings
  3. Sell stock photos on a stock photo website
  4. Create a blog
  5. Take photos of events
  6. Take video of events
  7. Post videos online
  8. Write articles
  9. Write a novel
  10. Draw a webtoon
  11. Make logos
  12. Sell tee-shirt designs
  13. Create and sell jewelry
  14. Create and sell soap
  15. Create and sell____ (fill in with any product you can make)
  16. Give instrument lessons
  17. Give chess lessons
  18. Give singing lessons
  19. Give foreign language lessons
  20. Give ____ lessons (fill in with any talent you can teach to someone else)
  21. Sing at parties/events

If you like being outside:

  1. Mow lawns
  2. Weed gardens and rake leaves
  3. Grow and sell fruit at a farmer’s market
  4. Grow and sell vegetables at a farmer’s market
  5. Grow and sell flowers at a farmer’s market
  6. Raise bees and sell the honey
  7. Raise cows and sell the milk or cheese
  8. Raise chickens and sell the meat or eggs
  9. Plant and maintain a garden for someone else
  10. Paint houses or fences
  11. Collect and recycle scrap metal and cans for money
  12. Give tourists tours of your city

If you have room to spare:

  1. Become a landlord
  2. Rent a room to long-term boarders
  3. Rent a room to overnight guests


  1. Fill out paid surveys online
  2. Participate in mock juries online
  3. Be a mystery shopper
  4. Sell your hair
  5. Sell your eggs
  6. Sell your sperm
  7. Sell your plasma
  8. Be a model for artists
  9. Use phone apps to get money back for shopping
  10. Drive people around
  11. Run errands for others
  12. Do simple household tasks for others
  13. Become a day trader
  14. Sell online game money and items for real life money
  15. Sell online game characters for real life money
  16. Sell your unwanted possessions online or at a garage sale
  17. Win a talent show
  18. Buy and sell items for a profit

To conclude, there you have it 72 ways to make money quick or turn one of these ideas into a lasting enterprise. Hopefully this list has inspired you with ways to earn money without getting a 9 to 5 job. Or if you have a 9 to 5 job, an activity that you can do on the side. Let’s achieve our money goals!