5 Career Advancing Hobbies

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career advancing hobbies
career advancing hobbies

Do you want to enrich your life with fun and interesting hobbies? Do you also want to increase your job skills to improve your career? Feel like you don’t have time for both? Read on for some fun hobbies to do with your friends (or alone) that have the potential to turn into resume worthy, career advancing, job skills.

  1. Learn a Language.

You may want to learn French for the amazing girls’ trip to Paris you’ve been planning, but this can also turn into a resume worthy job skill. Having fluency in a foreign language in your tool kit can be a valuable skill at the office. In today’s global society, many companies are forging into overseas markets and hiring employees all over the world.

You can turn your language hobby into a career gamechanger.

Maybe your language skills can be the edge to get you that promotion? Or that exciting overseas post? You could be an invaluable member in the office when it comes to communicating with foreign counterparts.

The key is to become as fluent as you can.

  1. Learn Public Speaking.

Do you want a social hobby? Something that you can learn with other people? Then public speaking may be for you. There are clubs that you can join that will help you to improve your communication and public speaking skills.

This is definitely a skill to put on your resume, especially if you work in sales or management. Presentation skills can benefit employees in all industries.

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  1. Start Volunteering.

Pick a cause that really speaks to you and you’ll enjoy the hours you donate. Volunteering is a hobby that will make your insides smile. You can have fun and meet lots of new people.

How can volunteering help your career? Well, oftentimes nonprofit organizations need people who can wear several hats, so you can pick up lots of experience and new skills. It can also be easier to get into leadership positions while volunteering.

Leadership experience always looks good on a resume.

  1. Read (a lot).

Reading can be a huge gateway to entertainment and knowledge. This is a great hobby if you’re looking for a solo activity. Reading can be relaxing, enlightening, thrilling, or romantic. There is a genre for every mood.

If you want to turn it into a social activity, consider joining a book club. Or start one with your existing friends. Add a potluck and book club can turn into a multi-faceted activity.

How can reading more have an impact on your career? Well, the more you read the better your own reading comprehension and writing skills become. Your vocabulary will grow and you will become more articulate. Written communication is a skill important to every profession. If you expand your reading material to include industry related books and journals- the better you will get at your job.

  1. Exercise.

The health benefits of exercise are obvious, but it also makes a lot of sense as a hobby. You can enjoy the company of friends in group classes or you can gather your thoughts on a long scenic walk. There are so many different physical activities to partake in, you’ll be sure to find one that matches your personality and lifestyle.

It’s not all about the gym- unless you want it to be.

How on earth does exercise help your career? For one, better health will lead to less sick days out. The exercise will clear your head allowing you to focus at work. You’ll have more energy and stamina to do your best during long days and nights at the office. So, maybe not something you can write on your resume, but you’ll definitely see the impact in your work life.

To conclude, hopefully this list helps you find a hobby that can also double as a career advancing skill. Way to be an awesome multi-tasker! Hobbies can be fun and awesome ways to stay connected to your social network. They can also be skills to be cultivated to advance your career. Let’s achieve our life goal of having an awesome career and interesting life.