5 Tips to Improve your Relationship with your Mother-In-Law Now

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mother-in-law relationship hacks
mother-in-law relationship hacks

Constantly fighting with your mother-in-law? Constantly fighting with your husband because of your mother-in-law? Constantly fighting with your mother-in-law over your kids?

Mother-daughter in law relationships are so commonly very strained for so many reasons. In the end, it is a good idea to try to mend fences with your mother-in-law.

You’ll be happier, she’ll be happier, and your spouse will be happier. Read on for 5 simple to implement tips to improve your relationship with your mother-in-law now!

  1. Text or call her sometime.

You don’t have to have deep conversations with your mother-in-law, just ask how she’s doing and make small talk. It will keep the relationship from becoming estranged and keep the lines of communication open.

  1. Ask for her opinion.

Let’s be clear: You don’t have to take her advice. But asking for her opinion will make her feel better. Perhaps not-so-subtle nagging can turn into a positive discussion if everyone has the opportunity to give their two cents in an open environment.

  1. Encourage your husband and/or kids to call her more often.

Mother-in-laws often just want a closer relationship with the family. Especially if she is alone, she may feel like she has lost her family.

Her son became your husband, and she probably dropped in the pecking order to you. The relationship may improve if she feels like she’s still in the loop.

  1. Invite her over for dinner.

Nothing keeps a relationship in good standing like some good old face time. Make some good memories together because honestly none of us lives forever. Or lives near each other forever, for that matter. If distance allows, see each other in person every now and again. Maybe invite her to family outings.

Doing fun things together may make you think of each other more fondly.

  1. Be good to her son.

Mother-in-laws want to be sure their son married the right lady, one who knows what a catch her son is. Having a good relationship with her son will endear you to her.

Mother-in-laws can get a little jealous of this sometimes, but deep inside it makes them happy to see their son in a happy marriage.

To conclude, family peace is important. Hopefully these tips can open the door to an improved mother-daughter in-law relationship.

You can stop fighting with your mother-in-law. Let’s achieve our life goal of having positive relationships with our family.