5 Email Mistakes that can Ruin Your Career!

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email mistakes to stop making
email mistakes to stop making

Email can ruin your career! The way you treat your business email is a reflection of your professional image. You must be careful and prudent to not let it ruin your standing at work. Your business email is not like your personal email. The people you email at work are not to be treated the same way. Read on for some email mistakes that can ruin your career!

  1. Sending too many personal emails.

Do not treat your business email directory like a garage sale. Occasional non-work-related emails that may be of interest to everyone are ok. Examples include, finding a lost phone in the break room or the presence of a beloved food truck in the vicinity. But, continuously trying to sell extra sporting event tickets or unwanted pets are not ok. If you know for sure of a particular coworker who would be interested in the item you are trying to sell- email that person directly. Do not bomb the whole office with irrelevant emails.

  1. Not using proper grammar.

Your friends may not mind if you use slang or emoticons instead of real words when you text or email them, but this looks very unprofessional to your work colleagues. Re-read your emails and check your spelling and grammar. Do you want your boss to question whether or not your communications to clients are the same way? The way you write to your coworkers is an example of your communication and interpersonal skills. Make sure they uphold your fine professional image.

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  1. Sending too many “Thank You” emails.

Most business people receive way too many emails for their liking. Ever go to work and find your email inbox has exploded? Now consider having to go through and filter out the nonessential “thank you” emails- the exactly two-word emails that are a waste of time to read and delete.  Thanks is assumed. If you are worried you might appear rude, then include a “thanks in advance” or “thank you” at the end of the emails you send out. This way a separate two-word email is definitely unnecessary. Filling inboxes with these emails will make you and your emails seem like a nuisance.

  1. Putting things in writing that you really shouldn’t.

Never make fun of people or their ideas in email. Never complain or badmouth recklessly. Don’t think this is ok even with people that you trust. You never know when someone will hit the Forward button and get you into a heap of trouble.

  1. Using “Reply All” indiscriminately.

There is a difference between “Reply” and “Reply All”. This mistake goes along the lines of sending too many nonessential emails. If you need to continue a conversation after receiving a mass email, then reply only to the relevant people. The whole company does not need to be included in your issues.

To conclude, hopefully this list was helpful in showing you common email mistakes that can ruin you career. Your professional image is on the line with every business email that you send. So, be sure you are on your best behavior and follow business email etiquette. Let’s achieve our life goal of succeeding at our career goals!