3 Easy Ways to Talk More with your Husband

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3 easy ways to talk more with your husband
3 easy ways to talk more with your husband

Do you feel like the conversation is starting to stall in your marriage? Is there more mindless binge watching and not enough bonding? Read on for three fun and easy ways to interact and talk more with your husband!

1.      Games.

Any game can create a lighthearted atmosphere and be a great way to spend some time with your spouse. If you really want to up the convo though, try a game specifically geared towards talking. These question card activities will not only get both of you talking but you may learn something new about each other as well.

2.      Common interest.

Gaining a common interest is an awesome way to talk more. Any activity that you are both committed to will do. For example, watching the same tv show. There are lots of benefits to this. Watching together will give you a guaranteed date night. Cozy up on the sofa with some popcorn and debate plot points and guess what will happen next.

Hiking is another example of a good option. Out in nature just the two of you. Longer scenic hikes will give you plenty of time to talk without distractions. You can talk about your favorite trails or you can use the opportunity to talk about daily life concerns.

3.      Experience or learn something new together.

It’s fun to get absorbed into a new experience and feel the novelty and joy in it. New experiences are great opportunities to talk more with your husband. For example, learning a new language together can lead to a lot of quality time together- Take classes together, study together, practice speaking to each other. Learning a new language could even lead to an overseas vacation.

Or a new experience could be something as simple as going ziplining for the first time or going to a new restaurant in town. The two of you can gush over the things that you like and how much fun you’re having.

Sharing fun times is a great way to destress and enjoy life together- and most importantly a great opportunity to talk more with each other.

To conclude, communication is essential to a good relationship. Hopefully, this list inspires you to try to talk more with your husband in fun ways you both can enjoy.