5 Essential Steps to Get the Raise You Want!

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how to get a raise
how to get a raise

You think your job would be better if you made more money. Yet, it can be intimidating to ask for a raise. Follow these 5 tips and increase your chances of getting a yes!

1.       Be a good employee.

First and foremost, deserve a raise. Be sure to have good attendance and work performance. Look at your last performance evaluation, did you improve upon any weaknesses? Did you go above and beyond your job description?

2.      Do your research.

Research your market value. We’d all like to make more money, but how much is the market realistically going to pay you? Come up with a reasonable number.

Take into consideration factors such as job title, industry, years of experience, location, and any additional certifications or training you may have.

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3.      Prepare a list of accomplishments.

Your boss is too busy to remember all your projects and exemplary work. So, don’t be shy and toot your own horn.

Be specific and don’t over exaggerate.

4.      Timing is important.

Time your proposal just right. If your company had a bad financial quarter, they’re probably less likely to hand out pay increases.

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5.      Ask with confidence.

If you don’t have regularly scheduled meetings with your manager, politely request a meeting. (Don’t wait for them to come to you first.) Then be on time, straightforward, and concise. Be confident- you have done the work for this raise. I know money can be a touchy subject, but don’t get emotional.

Remember, if you don’t ask, you definitely won’t receive.

To conclude, don’t let inexperience and self-doubt get in between you and the raise you want. Approach your boss with confidence and ask for a raise with these five tips.